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About Wolfsburg Bus Company

At the Wolfsburg Bus Company we specialise in the supply of high quality, period correct restoration parts for VW Transporters built from 1950 – 1967, we work very closely with some of the most recognised and respect suppliers in the business to ensure that everything we supply is top quality, we also manufacture many parts ourselves as well as working with specialist manufacturers in the UK to support British industry.

Born out of necessity

Back in 2015 I accidentally stumbled across a 1955 RHD Microbus on my own doorstep and after a little negotiating, a deal was struck and I was the very proud owner of my dream VW bus. As I started on a full restoration of the 55 Microbus it soon became apparent that period correct parts and specification information for these early Wolfsburg built Transporters were not so readilyavailable, the restoration dragged out for a number of years due to the difficulties faced with obtaining good quality and period correct items.

After my own experience I realised that there must be many others who struggle as I did and so it was decided that I would establish the Wolfsburg Bus Company, my goal is to be a one stop hub for information and restoration parts for all Wolfsburg built Transporters. All the information and knowledge that I amassed whilst restoring my 55 is now shared for all to see on this website, I hope that it is of help and assistance to anybody and everybody who like myself has taken on a home restoration.

Whist I have tried to make the website as comprehensive and informative as possible there may be things that I have missed so please feel free to contact me via the Contact Us page with any questions and I will be happy to answer them if possible.

Finally I would like to thank David Eccles for allowing me to re-produce various information and details from his publication VW Transporters and Microbus Specification Guide 1950-1967 on the website. Without David's help and blessing the Wolfsburg Bus Company website would not have been possible.

I would also like to thank and acknowledge Andy Morgan of Bugs VW for all of his help and guidance both on my own restoration of the 55 and information provided relating to Barndoor Transporter specifications.


Please be aware that the information contained on this website has been amassed from many sources and therefore we accept no responsibility for any errors or miss information that may have occurred in the information contained on the Wolfsburg Bus Company website.