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Quarterlight Glass To Frame Seal 1952-1967

Product Code: WBC0461

Product OEM: 211 837 271A

Price: £14.95

Top quality pre moulded quarterlight glass to frame seal, dimensionally correct in all ways these seals make what was a difficult job a piece of cake. No special press required as with the original strip type seal, simply install the ... more info

Quarterlight Seal Left 1952-1967

Product Code: WBC0465

Product OEM: 211 837 625

Price: £18.00

Good quality left quarterlight seal, this is the seal that fits into the upper door frame. more info

Quarterlight Seal Right 1952-1967

Product Code: WBC0466

Product OEM: 211 837 626

Price: £18.00

Good quality right quarterlight seal, this is the seal that fits into the upper door frame. more info

Quarterlight Upright Flap Seals (Pair) 1952-1967

Product Code: WBC0467

Product OEM: 211 837 629

Price: £7.50

Good quality pair of quarterlight flap seals for buses from 1953 - 1967. This is the upright seal that the quarterlight closes against. more info

Slidding Window Divider Bar Scraper Seals (Pair) 1950-1967

Product Code: WBC0468

Product OEM: 211 845 231

Price: £7.50

Seals for the divider bars between the fixed and sliding window on the cab door tops. more info

Felt Channel Kit 1950-1967

Product Code: WBC0462

Product OEM: 211 837 375A

Price: £34.00

Premium quality EPDM rubber flocked double channel felt seal for the cab door tops, kit includes all the seal required for both doors. Our premium quality seal is supplied in two continuous lengths, each length is enough seal for one ... more info

Cab Door Frame Top Seals (Pair) 1954-1967

Product Code: WBC0463

Product OEM: 211 837 835A

Price: £14.00

Rubber seal for around the outside of the cab door tops, supplied as a pair. more info

Upper Frame To Cab Door Seals (Pair) 1950-1967

Product Code: WBC0469

Product OEM: 211 837 395

Price: £18.00

Pair of seals between the cab door body and cab door top, please note that these seals require the holes and openings to be cut. more info