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6v Horn Standard

Product Code: WBC0144 A

Product OEM: 111 951 111K

Price: £24.00

Standard replacement 6v horn, 100mm diameter. Should you wish the front grill can easily be removed and painted black and the screws can be replaced with slotted for a more authentic look. more info

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Horn Earth Wire

Product Code: WBC0635 A

Product OEM: 214 971 189A

Price: £2.50

This is the wire that connects to the horn button and runs down the inside of the steering column shaft before connecting to the horn. more info

Horn Wire Retaining Cleat On Steering Box

Product Code: WBC0636 AA

Product OEM: 211 415 169

Price: £4.50

This is the cleat that secures the horn wire as it exits the bottom of the steering box, it also purposes to secure two of the steering box bottom plate bolts. Almost always missing and until now almost impossible to ... more info