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Air Filter Service Sticker

Product Code: WBC0847

Product OEM: 111 129 614

Price: £4.50

High quality reproduction of the original VW air filter service sticker. more info

Throttle Cable Clamp

Product Code: WBC0263

Product OEM: 111 129 921

Price: £1.50

Swivel clamp for accelerator to cable to carburetor operating arm and heater cable to heat exchanger operating arm on most air-cooled VWs. more info

Carb To Manifold Gasket

Product Code: WBC0264

Product OEM: N 137761

Price: £2.50

This is the gasket that situates between the carburettor and the intake manifold. Suits 28PCI & 28-31PICT Carburettors. more info

25/30hp Throttle Tube Kit

Product Code: WBC0269

Product OEM: 111 198 500

Price: £19.00

Accelerator return spring kit for 25/30hp air cooled engines includes cable guide tube, spring seat, spring and spring cap. The kit fits between the fan shroud and carbs without built in return spring. more info

Choke / Fuel Reserve Cable

Product Code: WBC0267

Product OEM: 111 711 501A

Price: £24.50

3770mm long bowden cable for Beetle/Bus choke up to the end of 30 hp engines and Bus reserve fuel tap. Includes sleeve and knurled nut. more info

Choke / Fuel Reserve Cable Grommet

Product Code: WBC0285

Product OEM: 111 711 535

Price: £3.00

This is the grommet that protects the choke cable as it passes through the chassis. Also used on the fuel reserve cable. Two required per cable so four needed in total per bus. more info

Choke / Fuel Reserve Cable Securing Strap Set (6)

Product Code: WBC0279

Product OEM: 111 711 687

Price: £6.00

Aluminium clips as used for securing the choke and fuel reserve cables to the underside of your bus. We would recommend six clips per cable so twelve in total. more info

Throttle Cable Spring Seat 1950-1965

Product Code: WBC1850.

Product OEM: 113 129 909

Price: £2.00

Top quality reproduction of the throttle cable spring seat as used from 1950 - 1965. more info

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30hp Inlet Manifold

Product Code: WBC0265

Product OEM: 111 129 701E

Price: £149.00

High quality reproduction of the 30hp intake manifold. This is the perfect solution to an item that is prone to rusting from the inside out. more info

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30hp Pre Heater Gasket

Product Code: WBC0268

Product OEM: 111 251 263A

Price: £5.90

Pre heater gasket for 30hp engines. Locates between the inlet manifold heat risers and the exhaust. Two required per vehicle. more info

Inlet Manifold To Cylinder Head Gasket

Product Code: WBC0266

Product OEM: N 138211

Price: £2.50

These copper gaskets are essential for the correct sealing between the inlet manifold and the cylinder head. They are a compression gasket and therefore must be replaced anytime the inlet manifold is removed. Two required per vehicle. more info

30hp Inlet Manifold Fixing Kit

Product Code: HF129 A

Product OEM: N 102154

Price: £3.00

Kit includes all the fixings required to install the inlet manifold and carburettor. High quality stainless steel fasteners. more info

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Genuine Solex 28PCI Carburettor

Product Code: CARB1

Product OEM: 111 129 023

Price: £325.00

This is a genuine VW Solex 28PCI carburettor. All carbs are fully rebuilt in house by the Wolfsburg Bus Company. Firstly the carbs are fully stripped and inspected before going through our three stage cleaning process. First stage is hot ... more info

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Best Quality 28 PCI Carburetor Rebuild Kit

Product Code: WBC0262

Product OEM: WBC0262

Price: £29.95

This is a full rebuild kit for all Solex 28PCI carburettors. Very high quality and not to be confused with cheap inferior quality kits, includes a nitrile diaphragm to ensure compatibility with modern fuels. more info